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I’ve been super remiss in posting this!

Recently i was lucky enough to participate in a show with Light Grey Art Lab in Minnesota. The theme is spooky skate-deck art and i jumped at the opportunity! The show, which is running now through Nov. 7th, is called Skate or Die and you can check out the full exhibit online. I know i say this about every gallery show i’m in, but i was really in amazingly talented company on this one and i only regret that i couldn’t make it out to see it all in person. LGAL has photos from the opening night on their Flickr, and man those decks really look good all lined up on the walls.

You can also purchase any of the art in the show through their online shop!
Here’s a link to mine… if anyone’s intersted ;) You can get any of these as a skate deck OR as a print!

This was a super fun piece to get to do. Hope to work with LGAL more in the future! :)


  • Strawberry Switchblade’s Rose and Jill, mid 80s.

Interesting how they brought ancient costumes into (goth) fashion.


  • Leeds, 1981 [photo via H. Hellinga’s flickr]


in the wee hours i made a couple passes at yesterday’s sketch_dailies- kelpie. they quickly devolved into varying ominous river serpenthorses…


titan, digital, work in progress

yes i’m still working on this.  finalizing the lines and establishing some of the palette.  it’s taking forever ><


Félicien Rops
Hamadryades, dessin aux crayons de couleur et pierre noire


Here’s a few on my sprite animations from Dream Arcade. If you want to see them in action you can play everyone’s levels HERE. (I did level 23) Everyone did such an incredible job with this project it’s well worth a playthrough!


Benvenuto Disertori

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George Russell, “A.E.”: Aeons as yet unrolled

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Both of these witches are available as prints in my Society6 shop. And they are both still available as cute Halloween cards, too!

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  • Goth woman in 1983, photo by Peter Jordan


A start to a very messy inktober! I had to dig out all my old tools, I haven’t inked in ages! I really need to get myself proper inking tools and paper, but this will do for now. c:

My OC nicknamed ‘Life’. She gave her flesh away to bring back to life a child whose life she took by accident.


'Dickens's children' with ten drawings by Jessie Willcox Smith. Published 1912 by Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York.

See the complete book here.

Reblog for Jenny Wren.

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